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The mission of the Hub is to create experiential learning opportunities for students and develop transferable and transportable skill sets and innovative mindsets that will prepare them for the future career. 

The main focus of the hub is Prototyping, but in long term the focus will also be on Lean Manufacturing. For most of the time it will serve the Faculty of IT and Business, while in long term it will be used also by faculty of Design and Medicine.   

It will serve to the industry of IT and Business management. The hub will be very dynamic and flexible in its curriculum development, making it very attractive and contemporary to students. It will be created to first of all the university itself including several faculties at UET, both in short and long term. 

The targeted industries for our hub are: IT companies but also students and staff of the IT and Business Faculty, and later also Design and Medicine faculty.  

The upgraded PCs and the instruments of the hub will be available to install and use software for Software prototyping, for ERP system customization, Mobile programming, 3D modeling for 3D printers and 3D Scanners. Also, through the hardware upgrade of existing infrastructure will make possible to create virtual servers and network storage needed for the platforms and users. 

Furthermore, the Microsoft licenses will make possible to install Microsoft tools (databases and developments environments) for the Microsoft based platforms developments.  

While, the ERP platform setup, development, training, maintenance will Create development environments for open source ERP customizations by students for the industry.  

In addition, the workstations will help customers Install some of the software needed for the operations of the other hardware and systems. 

In long term the portfolio of services at the Hub will aim at: Developing innovator’s mindset; Growing Innovative Talents; Turn Passion into Purpose; Develop transferable/transportable skill sets, and Turning learning into entertaining and enjoyable time.  

Fotos of the equipment which are divided into two premisses: UET campus and Office for project development – hub corner.