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The task of the Lean manufacturing laboratory is to put local companies and startups, innovators, foreign companies interested in entering new markets in contact with university experts as well as motivated and enthusiastic students who can solve their problems.

If your enterprise needs:

  • to increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity;
  • to reduce costs;
  • to increase revenue;
  • to produce the right thing in the right way,

then the Lean Manufacturing Laboratory is the place to go.

The portfolio of services we offer is wide and comprehensive, and it can be described through four spheres of activity.

The first is Lean manufacturing, which includes education within companies and organizations, implementation of various lean principles and management of operations with the aim of increasing efficiency and productivity. In practice, this can be expressed through:

  • Kaizen,
  • Kanban,
  • SMED,
  • 5S workplace organization,
  • Plant layout design,
  • Pull system,
  • Value stream mapping,
  • Production bottleneck identification.

The second is Operations Management, where businesses, students and researchers are offered technical, educational and logistical support. In practice, this can be expressed through:

  • Strategic planning and management of change and organizational transformation,
  • Management of innovation and development,
  • Development of a business plan,
  • Project management.

The third is Quality Management, which includes the development, evaluation and management of the quality system. In practice, this can be expressed through:

  • Setting quality standards,
  • Statistical process control,
  • Six Sigma implementation.

The fourth is Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In practice, this can be expressed through:

  • Digital process transformation,
  • Data analysis,
  • Determination of key performance indicators,
  • Process reengineering,
  • Big Data and Machine learning.