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The main aim of the Vlora University Hub is to facilitate the collaboration of the University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali” with the local public and private entrepreneurs/companies/industries/start-ups and local institutions (both public and private). Additionally, this Hub aims to give the students a chance to improve their entrepreneurial skills and also focus more on developing innovative ideas and start-ups. 

The goals of the UniVlora Hub are:

  • Increase collaboration of University with local and regional companies;
  • Increase the entrepreneurial culture among professors and students of Vlora University;
  • Assign the implementation of innovative ideas to the students;
  • To develop a specific portfolio of services for companies and institutions that operates in the city of Vlora and in the wider region;
  • Increase the revenue of the university generated by the services provided in collaboration with the other parties.

Portfolio of services and instruments of the Vlora Hub:

  1. University of Vlora Service Catalogue

The target groups of this service are:

  • Public Institutions
  • Private Institutions
  • SMEs
  • Enterprises
  • Vlora Chamber of Commerce
  • Other possible partners
  1. Online application that offers guide and services for tourists in Vlora City

The target groups of this services are:

  • Tourist.
  • The network of accommodation services, restaurants and bars of the city
  • The Municipality of Vlora
  1. 3D Ship Modelling

The target groups of this service are:

  • The owners of the touristic ships (to have them as a kind of the promotion on the ships and at the place of ticket sells).
  • Passengers travelling by those ships.
  • Souvenir shops in different local area